Nasi Uduk (Coconut Milk Rice )

One delicious rice from Indonesia is Nasi Uduk!

To preparing nasi uduk, you will need to put some effort but it is all worth it!
To make it simple for me (as my name is the lazy mom) I will use rice cooker to make nasi uduk!

– Nasi Uduk (Coconut Milk Rice) –

3 cups rice
2 bay leaves
2 lemon grass
1 tsp salt
200 ml coconut milk

– Just cook the rice as usual but instead using normal water, this rice use coconut milk mix with water.
– Also add salt, bay leaves and lemon grass.
– Turn on the rice cooker, 20 minutes later, open your rice cooker and mix the rice and close again. (to make sure the coconut milk mix well)
– When the rice is about to cooked, open and mix well again. cclose again until it is cooked.
– Ready to serve. Spring the fried shallot on the top of the rice!


– You can serve it with scramble eggs, fried chicken or fried fish, Tempe and peanut and also prawn cracker or belinjo/ emping and not forgetting chili or sambal terasi!

nasi uduk

For fried chicken you can refer to my recipe at:

For Tempe and Peanut you can refer to my recipe at:

Happy Cooking

– The Lazy Mom –


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