Klepon / Ondeh-Ondeh

This snack is very popular in Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia!

Indonesian people will call it “klepon” while Singaporean and Malaysian will call it “Ondeh-Ondeh”

You can have it as snack or dessert!

I always make green “klepon” but since it is for Christmas, I made red and green color “klepon”!

This time, on this Christmas, I made for two families who have never tried this dessert/snack at all!

The result, the like it! You can try to make it! Not many ingredients and so easy and simple!
Klepon/ Ondeh-Ondeh

Please find the recipe at http://www.lazymomcooking.com/2016/12/klepon-ondeh-ondeh.html

I hope you will also enjoy it!
I know it is kind of late to say Merry Christmas now but still I want to say it now!

Merry Christmas to my readers and hope you enjoyed your time with your loved ones.

Love from
The Lazy Mom


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