Hi There…
I am the Lazy Mom who only like to do something simple, especially when it is about cooking. But I am willing  to do some difficult cooking if that can make people who will enjoy my cooking happy!

Well, I don’t like to use instant ingredients! I love to do it from scratch with fresh ingredients,  because I think it will be healthier!

The only problem why I call my self a lazy mom, because I do not cooking everyday, yes because I am a lazy mom!

My family and some of my friends love what I cook!

Home Food for Healthy Family!
—– Instagram: lazymom_cooking
My other blog is lazymomscooking.blogspot.com and now I am moving here! Therefore you might find some of my pictures are under lazymomscooking.

Happy Cooking
– The Lazy Mom –


29 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi! Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog flaringfelicity.wordpress.com. I like the gallery format you did here on your website. The food photography on your home page is awesome. Will be reading more from you 😉

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  2. Greetings from sunny Florida! I noticed your comment on my good friend Suzanne’s blog (www.apuginthekitchen.com). I have recently started a new Web site for Food Bloggers. An easy concept directly linking to your blog. Go to https://wegrazetogether.wordpress.com to view-you may see some bloggers listed that you know. If interested in joining us we’d love to have you listed. PS I am sure there are many Mom’s who also do not cook everyday! LOL Cheryl

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