Tofu and Tempe Cooked with Coconut Water (TAHU TEMPE BACEM)

Do you like Tofu and Tempe?

You can find from previous recipe about Fried Tempe!

This time I would like to share about Fried Tempe and Tofu with coconut water.

In Indonesia we call it TAHU AND TEMPE BACEM

So many people love this!

If you eat spicy food, you can have this as an afternoon snack and eat it with green chilli padi.

I can’t find it here.

But the most important thing is that I can find Tofu and Tempeh here 😀

Well, I think you will like it too! ‘

Here, I share the recipe with you! Don’t worry, it is easy as I said that I am a Lazy Mom who will not cook something difficult but I will only cook simple and delicious dish!


2 block Tempeh – cut into some pieces

1 block very firm Tofu – cut into some pieces (Blocks)

2 cm galangal, smash

500cc coconut water

cooking oil

2 bay leaves

Pounded Ingredients:

3 cloves garlics

5 cloves shallots

3tsp ground coriander

1 tsp salt

2 or 3  tbs palm sugar


  • In a pot, mix the pounded ingredients, coconut water, bay leaves and galangal. Stir well.
  • Add tempeh and tofu, and let it boil until the water about to run out and tempe-tofu are cooked.
  • Take out tempe and tofu and put aside.
  • Heat the pan with cooking oil, and fried tempe and tofu until all are cooked.

Ready to serve!

Isn’t it easy?

And it is tasty too!

Other than for snack, you also can have it for your lunch or dinner and eat it with rice!

Happy Cooking!

– Lazy Mom –

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