Bakmoy Chicken

Whenever I remember my childhood favorite food, I will try to remember the taste and try to cook it.

This dish has some different style in cooking. And this is what I had when I was a kid.

I like it. Why? Simple! Because I love tofu!

I have been wanting to try this but I always forget at the end. I bought chicken and planned to make Chicken Soto (Chicken yellow soup). But then, my mind remind me that chicken Bakmoy is waiting to be tried!

And here it is. My childhood style Chicken Bakmoy!

It is nice! My family like it! Why don’t you try it!

The recipe? Here it is for you to try!

Chicken Bakmoy

FullSizeRender (9)

Again, another simple dish for your family.
I hope you enjoy it!
Happy Cooking
-The Lazy Mom-

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