Telor Balado (Balado Egg)

I know it has been sometime since my last post for recipe. I have been so busy and really have no time to sit down and write my blog.

But, today, I am glad that I can sit in front of my lap top and write my blog again. I really miss to share recipe to you all. So thuat you and I can always enjoy good home-cooked food!

For some of you might be more familiar with this dish. This is really my favorite! I can even only steam rice with this dish! Love the sauce too! It is spicy but still you can adjust how spicy you want. TELOR BALADO (BALADO EGG).

Please check the recipe on the link below:

Telor Balado (Balado Egg)


Simple and Tasty.
Try it! No doubt! You will like it just like me.

Happy Cooking!
The Lazy Mom


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