Fried Chicken Satay

After Beef Satay (Beef Satay), what I want is Chicken Satay! Since young, I also always love chicken satay! Same like Beef Satay! I cannot find a good chicken satay around here! That make me want to try to make it!

The result, I got positive feedback from some people who I share this chicken satay to, including my husband of course!

I still don’t have any courage to try to make ‘Lontong’ (rice that cooked in banana leaf). Hopefully one day I will have that courage!

So there is no lontong! But it is not a reason to not eating satay! We still can use the normal steam rice, of course!

And here is the Chicken Satay!

Fried Chicken Satay

FullSizeRender (1)

For the recipe, please find on this link below:

It is not that difficult! Simple yet tasty!

Try it and serve it with rice! You might want to add fried shallot on the top of the peanut sauce!

Happy Cooking!

-The Lazy Mom-



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