Pomfret with preserved soy bean

Other than cooked with sweet soy bean, we also can use other method in cooking pomfret fish!

For you who like salty food, you can try this recipe! But… you should know that you have to be careful as this recipe has already use preserved soy bean which taste salty, don’t put too much salt. Why? we all know the reason that eating too much salty food is not really good for our health!

That’s why, in this recipe other than preserved soy bean, we also still use sweet soy sauce to give  the balance of the taste!

This recipe is similar with Fried Pomfret with Sweet Soy Sauce (Fried Pomfret with Sweet Soy Sauce).

I love this dish and I hope you will like it also!

Pomfret with Preserved Soy Bean


For the recipe, please find on this link below,



Simple and tasty!

Happy Cooking!

-The Lazy Mom-


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