Oxtail Soup

On last winter with cold weather, of course, It was good to have something warm! And this soup is very good and healthy.

And most importantly, for a lazy mom like me, this soup is easy to prepare.

Do you still thinking for your dinner meals menu for today?

Why don’t you add this soup into your menu?

Oxtail Soup



1.5 pounds of oxtails
2 carrots (cut into circle)
1 tomato (cut into 6 slices)
1 potato (cut into 10 cubes)
1 tbs salt
2 spring onion (cut into small pieces)
0.5 tsp ground nutmeg
8 cloves shallots
6 cloves garlics

– Boil water and add in oxtails for a while and put aside all oxtails and c hange the water.    Boil again oxtails with new water, boil it until oxtails soft. I will do it about 1-2 hours.
– After two hours, puree garlics, shallots and ground nutmeg.
– Heat the pan and fry the puree garlics, shallots and ground nutmeg until smell nice.
– Add the fry ingredients to the pan with those oxtail soup and also add sa lt, mix well.
– Add carrots and potato, leave it until carrots and potato soft and cooked .
– At the end at tomato, let it stay for 3 minutes and add spring onion.
– Ready to serve!

Tips: – You can add fried shallots and Belinjo Crackers if you want.

You might get this belinjo crackers at any Asian groceries shop. Usually the sell it raw and we have to fry it.

IMG_8182 (1)
Belinjo Crackers

I have the recipe of fried shallots if you want to make it your self. otherwise you can buy the fried shallots at the groceries shop.


I hope you like it.


Happy Cooking! – The Lazy Mom –

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