Fried Crab

Sounds like I am the big fan of crab! But yes I am!

Not only eat but also cook the crab! And this time I thought about another way to cook crab! The simple one, Just Fry it. It is so simple and fast to prepare.

Fried Crab


2 Dungeness Crabs (Clean and Boil/ Steam and crack)
1 Lime
5 cloves garlics
1 tbs ground coriander
salt (the amount as per your preference)
Cooking Oil

– Apply the lime juice to the crab and leave it for 30 minutes.
– Meanwhile, puree garlics together with ground coriander and salt and add water. Mix well.
– Pour the mix water to the crab and leave it about another 30 minutes.
– Heat the pan, Fry Crab
– Ready to serve!

Easy Right? Taste good! Make sure you crack the crab before soak it into the mix water, otherwise the crabs might tasteless.

Happy Cooking!
– The Lazy Mom –

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