Spinach Corn Soup (Sayur Bening)

One of my favorite soup since I was a kid! Love this so much! I love spinach and also corn!
I also found that this is so easy to make but there is one ingredient that I cannot find it here!
Still It will not make me give up and I will still want to cook this soup!
I use Ginger to replace that ingredient. To be honest I don’t know what is that ingredient called in English.
But anyway, it doesn’t matter. The taste is the same! Both are delicious and healthy!
I am quite sure that you will also like this soup!

Spinach Corn Soup (Sayur Bening)

2 bundle spinach (clean it)
1 tomatoes (Cut into 6)
2 carrots (slice it)
2cm ginger (smash)
4 cloves garlics (Thinly Slice)
5 cloves shallots (Thinly Slice)
2 Corn on the cob (each cut into 3)
(you also can use peeled corn)
1 tsp salt


– Boil water on the pan, add garlics, shallots, ginger and corn. Let it boi l until the corn        cooked. Add carrots and let it boil until carrot tender too.
– Once all cooked, add salt, tomato and spinach, until you see all cooked.
– Turn off the heat and Soup is ready to be served.

– Make sure don’t let the spinach overcooked!

– I don’t use sugar because, the taste will be sweet because of the spinach and sweet            corn!

So simple? Yes, of course!

Happy Cooking
– The Lazy Mom –

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