Egg Tomato

I assume that most of you might have this dish on your dining table when you were young and possibly until now!

So easy, taste so good and nutritious.

When you are so busy or maybe feel lazy to cook, (like me the Lazy Mom), this is the dish that you might want to cook!

If happen you have never known about this dish before, you can try it!
Trust me! It is nice especially if you eat it warm and also with warm steam rice!

Egg Tomato

1 Tomato (cut into 6-8 slices)
5 eggs (beat)
3 cloves garlics (thinly slice)
Spring Onion (Slice small)
2 tsp salt
2 tbs sweet soy sauce
50 – 100 ml water
Cooking oil

– Beat eggs and add 1 tsp salt, mix well, put aside
– Heat the pan, add cooking oil and fry eggs and scramble it until it’s cooked and put aside.
– Clean the pan, heat the pan and add cooking oil again, fry the garlics until fragrance, add     tomato, mix for a while like 30 seconds,
– Add eggs, and also sweet soy sauce and salt, mix well.
– Lastly, add water and wait until it is boil and until left only a little bit of water.
– Add spring onions, mix for 30 seconds and turn off the heat.
– Ready to serve

Simple, isn’t it?

Happy Cooking
– The Lazy Mom –


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