Best Ingredient!

“The most important ingredient in every food recipe is LOVE. Without LOVE there will be no good food as a result!”
— Yukusan —

In every cooking’s recipe, there will be some ingredients, of course! But there is one best Ingredient that you should use in every cooking’s recipe!

Well, I would like to share and I should tell you the truth of me!
Since I was very young, I didn’t really go into the kitchen, once in a time, yup, but not so often. I didn’t really cook until I got married.

First time I cooked for my husband (he was my boyfriend during that time) it was so awful. I cooked beef stew and the meat were so hard.
But my husband still ate it.

Until we got married, I started to cook for both of us, though it was also not every day! But I learned and again, he always finished what I cooked. Until one day, I have more confidence to invite some friends to have potluck at home. And I cooked! My best recipe during that time was the Crab and Corn Soup! The other one was the steam fish (I have not post it here in my blog yet, but I will).

When we have kids, the story is different, I have to cooked for our boys who were still baby and toddler, so I really cooked something simple. Super simple. I just cooked some simple soups and mostly steam food.

Since I moved here, and our boys are older now, I have more courage to cook again. And I thanks to God that my husband and my boys are not picky eaters. They will always eat whatever I prepare for them. This really gives me courage to try to cook something new.

One thing to improve my self, I always ask for feedback from them so I can cook better next time. And I also have some friends who sometime join us for dinner and they also willing to give me some feedback. I am so happy that I can cook for them!

Especially when my husband or my boys say, ” Hmmm.. Smell nice! I am so hungry now!”
I feel that all my effort is worth!


Since then, I know that THE BEST INGREDIENT of all recipes is LOVE!



Happy Cooking!
-The Lazy Mom-

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