Crab Corn Soup with Asparagus

I love corn and I love crab, so when it is about Crab Corn soup, Oh ya! That’s for sure and no doubt, my favorite!

My family also love crab and corn, so should I conclude it like “Happy Tummy, Happy Family”!

In winter, soup is the best choice as it is also better to be eaten warm.

So do Β you want to consider cooking Β  this for dinner?

Crab Corn Soup with Asparagus


Half Pound Crab Meat (cooked)
3 cloves garlics (Minced)
2 cm ginger (smash)
2 eggs (beat)
1 lime
Spring Onion (Thinly cut)
2 tbs sesame oil
500 ml water / chicken stock
1tbs corn starch (mix with water)
350 gr peeled corn
Asparagus (cut into 3-4 cm)
1tbs soy sauce
1 tbs sugar (I use Honey)

– Marinate the crab meat with lime water for 30 minutes
– Heat the pan, add sesame oil and fry garlics and ginger until smell fragrance and then add crab. Mix well, put aside.
– Meanwhile, Boil water/ chicken stock and add corn, until corn is cooked, add crab meat and mix well.
– Add soy sauce, sugar/honey and mix well.
– Lastly add asparagus, and add eggs (little by little)
– After all are cooked, add corn starch (which has been mixed with water), little by little to make the soup thicker. (Not very thick). Add spring onion at the end.
– Ready to serve.

Enjoy your dinner

Happy Cooking
– The Lazy Mom –

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