Fried Tempe and Tofu

When I have no idea what to cook and also want to have something tasty and healthy, I decided to have this Fried Tofu and Tempe.

So simple yet so tasty. This should be for the side dish and will be so nice when you have it with warm steam rice!

Try it! And you will love it!




1 block of tempeh, sliced thinly

1 block of very firm tofu, Cut into cubes

4 cloves garlic

1 tbs salt (you can adjust it as per your preference)

2 tbs ground coriander

cooking oil



– Puree garlic, salt and coriander and stir well in a bowl of water.

– Soak tempeh and tofu in the mix ingredients for about 30 minutes

– Heat the pan, add cooking oil.

– Fried tempeh and tofu until it is cook and the color is golden.

So Simple!

Happy Cooking

-The Lazy Mom –

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