“First timer might not give the best result, but as long as we try our best, the result doesn’t really matter.” –Yukusan–

It’s been a long time since I wanted to try to make sushi! But I had no confidence and moreover, I am a lazy mom! I always think that there must so many thing to be prepared!

Last week I decided to give my self a chance to try it. I cooked Bulgogi one day before and I keep some of it for Gimbab. And one step has been solved!

Here is the Bulgogi’s recipe:

I don’t have the yellow pickled radish (danmuji) because it was a sudden decision and I am the Lazy Mom who were so lazy to drive to Korean groceries just to buy it.

I change it to cucumber.

Surprisingly, it is not as complicated as I thought. It is so easy and simple.

With all ingredients that I have, I made this Gimbab! And as usual, I did on my own way.

Do you want to try it too?



6 layers roasted seaweed

one small bowl of bulgogi

4 eggs

1 big carrot

one bunch spinach

one cucumber

two cup rice ( I use the rice for sushi)

2 tbs sesame oil

3 tbs roasted sesame seed (for the rice and spinach)

3 cloves of garlic (Minced)


olive oil to cook

sushi roller


– Cook the rice, (I did it in the rice cooker)

– Meanwhile, you prepare the bulgogi, warm it up

  (but if you want to you can make the new one)

– Beat eggs and put little salt in it, and fry it become some layers. Cut into long shapes pieces (1cm wide) and put aside.

– Cut and thinly slice the carrot and cut it into sticks. Put it into the bowl and give little salt, mixed and let it stay for a while.

– Wash the spinach, cut the root and put them into the boil water for 3 minutes and take them out from the water and put aside. Put one tbs of sesame oil, little salt and minced garlic. Mix it and put     aside.

– Heat the pan and fry the carrot and put aside.

– Rice must be ready, put 2tbs sesame oil, 2tbs roasted sesame seed, mixed.

– Cut the cucumber into some long shape pieces (I peel the skin, but you can choose to have it)

Time to roll:

– Prepare one layer of the roasted seaweed layer and put on the top of the    sushi roller. Put the rice on  it but leave some space in the end of the layer  about 2cm.

– On the top of the rice, put 2 eggs (2 pieces eggs, 2 pieces spinach leaves, 1 pieces cucumber,   bulgogi as needed.

– Roll it, slowly with press it to make it all stick together.

– once it is rolled, cut it into pieces. Do it the same way to another layers.


My family like it and they asked me to make again next time with another filling!!!

And because it is easy to make, of course I will make again!!!

Happy Cooking!

-The Lazy Mom-

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