Stir Fry Spinach and Dried Anchovies

Last month, we had 3 guess who came to our house to have dinner together and one of them wanted to cook dinner for us.

I was thinking at least I also cook one dish for the dinner.

My plan was cook the spinach with the salty egg. Some of you might be familiar with this dish.

Unfortunately, the salty egg was out of stock and I have no more time to go to another groceries shop to find it.

Well I do not want to cook only Spinach with garlic. Suddenly I remember that I still have dried anchovies at home!

Oh yeah! I ended up with Stir Fry Spinach with Anchovies!

Everybody enjoyed the dinner and our friends said that they never eat this combination before.

The feedback is good! They said it is delicious!

Hope this also give you a new idea in your menu!

Do you want to try? Don’t worry! It is easy and simple!

Check the recipe below!



1/2 cup of anchovies

2 bundle spinach (Clean it)

1 tomato (Cut into 4)

1 Carrot (Thinly sliced and cut it into stick shape)

4 cloves garlic (Minced)

3 cloves Shallot (Thinly sliced)


Oil for cooking


– Wash the spinach and dry it.

– Heat the pan with cooking oil, fry the garlic and shallot until the color change, add anchovies, stir fry for about 2 minutes, add carrot and cook for around another 2 minutes.

– Add spinach and tomato

– Add a little of salt and cook until all mix and cook.

Ready to serve!


It’s easy right! It’s healthy and delicious, yet it is easy to cook!

Yeah, I will not share the complicated recipe with you as for my name is the Lazy Mom!

Happy Cooking!

-The Lazy Mom-

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