Fried Shallot/ Red Onion (Brambang Goreng)

I will always try my best to have this on the dining table! Why? It will make the food taste even better! We also add fried shallot on the top of most of our dishes! Some people ask me why I should trouble my self and make it my self while I can just buy from some groceries store?

As a lazy mom, I might just buy it rather than cook it my self but I always think that home cooked is better. It is so simple and easy just need a little longer time in preparation.

If this lazy mom is willing to spend time in preparing this fried shallot, I believe it will be ok for you to do this as well, especially when you think home cooked is healthier.

— Fried Shallot/Onion (Bawang Goreng) —


500 gr Shallots

1 pinch salt

cooking oil

– Thinly cut shallots and sprinkle salt and mix it well.
– Let it stay for 10 minutes
– Prepare cooking oil and fry shallots until the color yellow ( do not wait until it golden brown)

Tips: Try to make shallots dry before you fry it

FullSizeRender (1)

Happy Cooking
– The Lazy Mom –

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