SEMUR AYAM ( Chicken Stew)

Try to find an idea for dinner, tonight?

Why don’t you check this recipe!

One of my childhood’s favorite dish!

Not only for me but also for my brothers!

Looks like it also become my husband’s and my kids’ favorite dish too!!!

SEMUR AYAM ( Chicken Stew)



10 chicken drumsticks ( you can use any other part of chicken)

1 potato, cut into cubes

1 lemon grass

5 cloves garlics

5 cloves shallots

1cm ginger

Sweet soy sauce


Chicken Stock

Fried onions/shallots

Cooking Oil


– Prepare water in the deep pan, cook the chicken and once the water boiled, change into low heat and close the pan, let it heat for an hour (For the chicken stock)

– One hour later, puree garlics, shallots and ginger

– Heat the wok with cooking oil, fry those pureed ingredients, add lemon grass, until smell nice, add chicken. Stir until the spice go into chicken meats.

– Add chicken stock and potato, stir until the water (chicken stock) cover chicken meats and potatoes, add sweet soy sauce and salt. Let it be until boil, lower the heat and let it stay until the water become thicker.

– Add fried onion/shallot, stir.

– Ready to serve

Try it and enjoy it!

Happy Cooking,

Lazy Mom


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