Risoles (Filled with Ragout)

“Failure should not stopping you from retrying.”

– Yukusan –

Looking for an idea for afternoon snack? Try this!

I have been tried to make this for several time when I was still in Singapore and I always failed in making the skin.

But now, we are far away here and when we want to eat it, we will need to do something and this make me to try again!

And this time the result is much better!

And I can tell my husband really enjoyed it!

Do you want to try it?

Here is the recipe


Ingredients for Skin:

200 gr Plain Flour

2 eggs

350 ml water

150 ml milk

1tsp salt

Ingredients for Ragout:

30 gram plain flour

200 ml milk

100 ml water

1 carrot and cut into small cubes

100 gram chicken meat, boil and cut into smaller cubes

1 Onion, minced

1tsp nutmeg ground

parsley, minced

1tsp salt

1tbs sugar (you can change it to honey)

Other Ingredients:

1 boiled egg (Cut into slice)

3 eggs (only the white part)

Bread crumb

Cooking oil


1. Skin

– Mix well flour and eggs, adding salt and add the water and milk and mix well again.

– Cook on the same way when you cook omelet but make sure not thick. Do it until finish.

2. Ragout:

– Heat the pan, cook the onion, and until it is smell nice, add flour, milk and water and mix well.

– Add carrot, chicken meat. salt, nutmeg and sugar. Mix well. and at the end, add the parsley.

– Cook until smell nice.

– Put aside

3.  Risoles:

– Prepare one skin, fill it with one tablespoon of ragout and add one slice of egg, fold it well.

– Roll it into the bread crumb and next will be to the white egg, and back to the bread crumb

– Do it until all finish

– Fried into hot cooking oil until the color change to golden and cooked.

– Ready to eat!

I know so many steps that you have to do, but you will enjoy it! Your effort will not be wasted!

Happy Cooking,

– The Lazy Mom –

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