Pan Fried Corn

“Simple Cook for Simple Food for Lazy Mom.”

– Lazy Mom –

Just like my name here, Lazy Mom, and this end up become my snack since I was young. I love to cook this because it is so easy!

I love Grill Corn so much, but I can’t do it at home so this is what I do when I miss the grill corn.

Do you want to try? Some of you might try it already!

But for you who has never tried this snack, check the recipe below!

— Pan Fried Corn — 


As much as you want…………

Sweet Corn (Peeled corn)


Chilli Sauce


Heat the butter, add corn, cook until it is cooked and add the chilli sauce, mix.

Ready to serve

It is so easy! You also can steam the corn instead of fried it. Depend on your preference.

Enjoy your snack!

Happy Cooking

– Lazy Mom –

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