On Thanksgiving, people will have turkey at home and have family dinner together.

As for our small little family, we had not have any turkey, but we had “Opor Ayam” (chicken Opor) for our family Thanksgiving’s dinner! Yup, one of the reason is we don’t really like to eat turkey.

But again, Thanksgiving is not about what do we have for dinner! But more on to realize what we are thank you for in our lives!

And we were really thankful and enjoyed this Opor Ayam!

You can have this for your lunch or dinner! 

Everybody will like it! 

So why don’t you try it! 



– 1 whole chickens, cut into smaller 

– 5 Fried square tempe/tofu (cut half each)

– 400ml coconut milk

– 1 lemon grass

– 3 bay leaves

– 5 boiled eggs

– Chicken stock

– Spring Onion (thinly sliced) 

– Fried Shallot

Pureed Ingredients:

– 2 cm galanga

– 1 cm ginger

– 1 cm tumeric root

– 5 cloves shallots

– 5 cloves garlics

– 1 tbsp coriander ground


– Boil the chicken until it is tender and cook,

– Heat the pan, fry the pureed ingredients together with the lemon grass and bay leaves until   it smells nice.

– Add in chickens, tempe/tofu and eggs, mix well

– Add 100ml chicken stock and mix well.

– Add coconut milk, mix well and keep stir it until it is boiled. 

– Add fried shallot on the top (Fried Onion) 

– Ready to be served! 

This is one of the easy recipe and the taste is so good! 

Try it! 

Happy Cooking 

– The Lazy Mom – 


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