Mung Bean plus Barley Soup

What do you have for breakfast?

Bread, eggs, sandwich, milk, cereal, etc.

Have you try to have mung bean as your breakfast before?

I remember when I small. my mom often prepare this for me and my brothers either for breakfast or afternoon snack.

But it was only mung bean soup. But when I was in Singapore, I ate mung bean which mix with Barley, and it is taste so nice too!

Some of you might try it before, but some of you might never have it before.

Do you want to make it?

It is so easy to prepare and cook!

And some more, it is healthy!



1 cup mung bean

1/2 cup barley

Rock sugar (as needed) – you can use brown sugar as your preference

2 pandan leaves, wash

Water (as needed)


  • At night, wash in running tap water and soak the mung bean and barley in the water for a night.
  • In the early morning, change the water and place mung bean and barley in a pot of water.
  • Bring Mung beans and barley and water to a boil over medium fire. Cover with the lid.
  • Tie Pandan leaves together into a knot and add it together with rock sugar/brown sugar into boiling water
  • Reduce heat to low fire, simmer for about 1 hour or until beans have slightly expand out of their skins (note: texture of beans and barley should be soft)
  • Note: You can add the water and sugar if you think it is necessary (preference)
 That’s all! Easy right?

So what are you waiting for! You can buy the ingredients and cook this mungbean and barley soup!


Happy Cooking!

– Lazy Mom-

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